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September 2/Library/early afternoon

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Lumina walked quietly into the library. She glanced around before she found herself a corner tucked away in the magical beasts section and pulled her transfiguration book out of her bag.
Nadya was nestled sleepily on her shoulder, standing out brilliantly from her friend's long black hair.
Lumina flipped open her book and dragged out some parchment and her horse-feather quill. She knew she'd said in her journal that she was doing herself a favor and procrastinating for the first week of classes but she'd decided that McGonagall wouldn't be too pleased if her best transfiguration student came up with a substandard essay. She'd do that whole 'your mother would have never blah blah blah' thing that she did. Apparently McGonagall wasn't generally prone to such things but her mother had gotten perfect marks. Better than perfect.

Lumina sighed and looked out the window at the filtered sunlight. It had been a dreary day earlier but it looked as if it was clearing up. It was too bad. she'd just decided not to go out flying because of the weather and now that she'd chosen to pick up homework instead of her broom it got sunny. It figured.
Nadya remained quiet on her shoulder. It seemed that she didn't really care if Lumina was actually DOING her homework or daydreaming, as long as she'd taken it out and put even the most minute effort into it Nadya really didn't care much. She was barely more than a kitten, her interests lay elsewhere like bits of fluff, her own tail, and figuring out how to use her wings as well as her father's friend Charm did.
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On November 17th, 2006 06:42 am (UTC), percipience commented:
Lumina grinned evilly, "By 'a match' you mean one of those things where Slytherin's going to whoop the crap out of Gryffindor? Yeah you're right, I need to make sure I have it fine tuned. Can't let that snitch get away from me....not that it would."

She laughed and then winked at Sirius, "it was nice chatting with you. If you finish early with your 'little project' you're welcome to join. Later." She cast him an offhanded wave over her shoulder then disappeared through the library door, Madam Pince looke after her in a disapproving manner.
On November 17th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC), paddymcpadfoot replied:
"See ya. Maybe I'll take you up on your offer." Sirius responded. He couldn't help but wink back as she walked past him out of the library.
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