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OOC application!

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((Hey, this is Tessa from Levicorpus (Promise/Padma/Fleur/Melinda) I'm not sure if you accept children born from people not cannon...though it'd be hard to get a lot of characters if you didn't since all of the canon folks seem to have married off LOL! If not, let me know, but I'd like to play the child/ren of my OC from Levicorpus. (Promise Dae) if you don't accept this I'd like to Apply for Sarah Malfoy.))

Personal Journal: tessakitten
AIM? Care to share?: gummisnack kitty
Why you want this character: Because she's the child of My OC in another RP and my OC's boyfriend (eheheheheheheehheeh foreshadowing much, Tessa?)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age: 17
Birthday: November 5
House: Slytherin
Year: 7
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-green
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 111
Wand: 9" Ebony, Gryphon Feather (family heirloom, not made by Olivander)
Affliations: Dae/Moonstone clan
Pet(s): One Car Danathi (winged cat)
Name: Nadya
~~~~Breed: Car Danathi (winged cat, intelligent, mental abilities)
~~~~Color: White and black/gray, blue eyes
~~~~Other: Car Danathi and humans form an unbreakable mental bond. Very little known magical creature due to the fact that the only flocks are located on heavily guarded private property in Northwestern United states. Lumina and Nadya bonded only two years ago.

Personality: Lumina is a spirited girl, some people tend to call her a little crazy but she doesn't mind. She is friendly to all houses, just as her mother was, but tends to dislike Hufflepuffs a bit for no real reason. She's spicy and Fiery, quite clever with a quick wit. She'll be the first person to agree to or pull a prank and also the first person to laugh at herself if found the victim of one. She doesn't take crap and is incredibly honest, even if her honesty means being rude. She loves nature, fun, and adventures, be they small or large. She is VERY talented on a broomstick and (is the Slytherin seeker if that's ok?)enjoys nothing more than flying on a warm day with her bond-mate Nadya. She loves winged horses almost as much as she loves quiddich and has a particular fascination with Thestrals.
She's very honest but at the same time can be very secretive. If someone asks her a question she doesn't feel the need to answer she will simply tell them she's not comfortable answering the question and move on. She has a lot of secrets due to the way she was raised and can be found lost in thought and looking a little sad on occassion.
She is very talented on the piano but can't sing much better than average and other than the vague ability to dance is total crap in the rest of the arts.

Lumina was born to Promise Moonstone-Dae and Mishka Moonstone. Her mother, Promise, is the heiress to the leadership of the Dae clan though her grandfather (Lumina's great grandfather) has yet to retire from the position. Her mother is in cosmetic transfiguration and also is a magical beasts specialist. Her father is part of the Moonstone clan and is a werewolf, a fact that Lumina doesn't care in the least to cover up. She finds it fascinating and charming that she has that as part of her heritage. She loves her father very much and if one would ask her she would have to say that if she had to choose he would be her favorite parent. The Dae-Moonstone family raises winged horses. Lumina has several brothers and sisters. She has two older brothers, four younger siblings and a twin sister named Aiyana. (I will be assuming Aiyana goes to another school unless myself or someone else decides to pick her up as a character).

The Daes and the Moonstones are both Gypsy clans and therefore Lumina was raised differently than most children. She was given a wand at age three and allowed to use it under her parents supervision for her entire life. Dark magic was never frowned upon in the Dae/Moonstone family because they don't believe it exists. "There is no such thing as dark and light magic. There is only power. It is what you do with that power that creates its definition. It is the intent of the spell that makes it dark or light." Or as her mother says "We are all angels, it's what we do with our wings that defines us."

Lumina is the spitting image of her mother (because I didn't want to make new icons *snigger*) and takes after her in many other ways as well. Her talents lie in Potions and Transfiguration but she is a very good student in most of her other courses as well (think Hermione) She, however, is not a seer like her mother is and is one of only two children born without the gift among her siblings. She is working very diligently on becoming an Animagus but refuses to tell anyone due to the fact that she doesn't wish to register. Lumina isn't incredibly social due to the fact that when she isn't playing quiddich she is either reading or doing homework.
She has no interest in cosmetic transfiguration like her mother but plans to become solely a magical beast specialist with an emphasis on the more dangerous and or intelligent. (sphinx, Dragons, Merepeople). Her goal is to convince a herd of centaurs to allow her to do research into their social structure. She will stop at nothing to achieve these goals.

Though she isn't exactly like her mother. She does take after her father in some ways. She is very skilled at combining muggle technology with magical elements. She loves flying and is very good at it while her mother is terrified of flying on brooms. Like her father, she is very skilled in the crafting of magical items (as well as combining magic with muggle contraptions)

She was raised mostly in the United States on that Montanan ranch where her mother was raised. She is the only person in her family other than her mother who has been able to imprint with a Car Danathi. Her older brother, Octavian is quite jealous of this and tries to impress with every clutch he hears of. It's thought that perhaps it must be an accidental occurance as it was in both known cases of a bond. She is a United States citizen and is kind of like a permanent Hogwarts exchange student. Her mother insisted on her attendance, though Lumina rather wanted to go to Scattergood like her older siblings.

((OMG that's quite enough out of me. For now let's assum Aiyana goes to a school in Canada or something. XD Let me know if this is okay! Though if not I'll frown since I'm kind of excited about this character now.))
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On November 8th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC), blue_lillies commented:
YAY I love you!!! You applied!! That means you like us!!


Okay, I'm Erin, I'm the mod here. And non-canon chars are totally okay! And you are accepted! And, if you like the game after a while, feel more than free to apply for Sarah Malfoy as well.

Welcome!! Just make a journal for her. So far we have me (Lily Potter), Sirius Potter, and Emma Zabini. So...you are more than welcome. I think you know Emma's player...Abby. :)
On November 8th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC), blue_lillies replied:
Unless, feather_frost is her journal, in which case ignore me. :)
On November 8th, 2006 11:29 pm (UTC), percipience replied:
lol, yeah feather_frost is her journal ;) ((GEEZ I have so many characters it's becoming difficult to keep track of journal names! LOL!))
On November 8th, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC), percipience replied:
And thanks for the accept! Also, if you'd like to start advertising for this in HPRP ad communities and stuff I can make graphics for you. I'm a graphic designer and all that business. ;)
On November 9th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC), blue_lillies replied:
OMG you are my hero!!

I would love it if you could do that!!

You=my hero
On November 9th, 2006 06:03 am (UTC), percipience replied:
haha ;)
Just give me the dimensions of things you want and i'll get to them.
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On November 8th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC), darklordgirl commented:
Hey! Welcome!

It's Abby! I play Emma! And don't know why I'm using exclamation points!
On November 8th, 2006 11:29 pm (UTC), percipience replied:
Because exclamation points are badass ;)
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On November 9th, 2006 04:58 am (UTC), paddymcpadfoot commented:
Well hello there. Thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and welcome you aboard! Cassie here. I play Sirius.

Hope you have fun!

On November 9th, 2006 05:41 am (UTC), percipience replied:
Fantabulous! Lovely to be here :)
On November 9th, 2006 03:11 pm (UTC), snaketonguenev replied:
Guess who?

*dances a happy dance that Tessa has joined*
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